Texas ALP is comprised of local chapters throughout the State of Texas. NALS...the association for legal professionals is comprised of chapters throughout the United States. 

Membership in our tri-level association (national, state, and local) offers many opportunities for career enhancement.

Our Tri-Level Association

Local Chapters


San Antonio LSA

Texas ALP

San Antonio Legal Support Association


Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics stressing a high standard of ethics.
Who May Become a Member?
Any person employed in work of a legal nature.

  • Legal Secretaries
  • Legal Assistants/Paralegals
  • Law Office Administrators
  • Court Personnel/Reporters
  • Clerks

Student and corporate memberships are also available.

The San Antonio Legal Support Association (SALSA) was chartered on June 7, 1957, three years after the Texas Association of Legal Secretaries (Texas Association of Legal Professionals; Texas ALP) was chartered. SALSA and its members are very proud that it is one of the oldest chapters in Texas ALP.